Minnesotans value our communities and local businesses. We seek out sustainable food from area farmers and craft beer from the town brewery. We also demand clean energy that is locally produced and locally owned. Our vision for the future is Energy Democracy—an energy system that is clean, local, and democratic.

Energy Democracy is:

  • Clean – Energy produced without the release of greenhouse gases, for example, wind and solar power
  • Local – Energy produced and owned in our communities and by our neighbors
  • Democratic – Community having a voice and power in the decision-making about our energy future

Across the country, communities are ditching the corporate structure of their local utility. They are regaining control and creating an energy system that is clean, local, and democratic. Communities are prioritizing energy efficiency to save money, celebrating the creation of local jobs, and embracing the opportunity for individuals to produce and sell wind and solar power. We want an energy system that works for everyone in our community, leaving no one in the dark.

The Minnesota Local Energy Project is transforming the energy landscape across Minnesota by helping people have the power. Our communities need the opportunity to control our energy future and build a system that is clean, local, and democratic. Minnesotans demand Energy Democracy!

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