Over the last five years the price of solar has dropped by 80%, making the cost of utility scale solar cheaper than coal and at parity with natural gas (reference to Lazard if necessary).  In Minnesota, we’re seeing no bigger indicator of the changing energy economy than in Wright Hennepin Electric.  On Sept. 16th, 2016 the co-op held a dedication event with its generation and transmission co-op (G&T) Great River Energy (GRE) who cofinanced the project.

The 2.25 mW solar installation consists of 8,352 panels and covers 13 acres, making it the largest cooperatively owned solar installation in Minnesota!  

We’re thrilled at the leadership shown by Great River Energy and Wright Hennepin in accomplishing a groundbreaking local energy project.  It is our hope that other co-ops will see this bold action as a strong market signal that a local, clean energy economy is the right path forward for Minnesota’s electric co-ops.  


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