In 2010 members at Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) in Johnson City, Texas exposed rampant corruption in their co-op.  After electing a slate of reform candidates, Pedernales has become one of the gold standards for member-responsive, transparent electric co-ops in the country.


In a press release, Pedernales announced that it will be the recipient of a $68 million loan from the USDA as a part of the Energy Efficiency Conservation and Loan Program (EECLP).  The loan will be used to finance rooftop solar for Pedernales members.


This project is a landmark use of EECLP funding and a bold step taken by the nation’s largest electric cooperative, and a clear signal from one of the most member responsive co-ops that local energy projects are a part of the future.$68-million-loan-from-u.s.-department-of-agriculture-to-fund-members-energy-efficiency-and-conservation-programs

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