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Dear [Insert Managers Name],

My name is [insert your name here], and I am a member-owner of [insert name of your co-op].

I love being a member-owner of our co-op. I value having my voice heard in decisions our co-op makes. I want to be able to trust that our co-op board and co-op management are making the best decisions in the interest of members like me. However, I am very concerned about the lack of transparency and absence of member participation in our co-op and other rural electric co-ops across Minnesota. Co-op members like me need to have important co-op information readily available to make informed decisions about our organizations.

A recently released report card on the websites of rural electric cooperatives in Minnesota found that information vital for members is missing from most websites. For example, over 80% of co-ops in Minnesota do not post how to vote in co-op elections, and over 60% do not post the dates of upcoming board meetings. Our co-op website only includes [insert number] of nine categories of information reviewed for the report card. You can find the Report Card at the Minnesota Local Energy Project website (

This report deeply concerns me. We need our co-ops to be the most democratic organizations in Minnesota. As a member, I urge you to take action to make our co-op more transparent and more democratic once again.

In cooperation,
[insert your name]

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